Pieces of Me

beefartsI suspect the title of this blog post is far more poetic than the actual content will be.

I debated saving it for something more emo and angst filled, but eh. Sometimes writing those sorts of posts are cathartic…but sometimes they are really whiny sounding too.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty slammed the last few days – work has picked up in a crazy fashion, leaving me very little time for anything else during the day. School stuff kicking in for the kids. Web/graphic design stuff – funny how it’s either feast or famine for this. Crickets forever and then bam! Everyone wants a chunk of my time for something – site redesigns, shirt designs, plug-in creation…just crazy.  (These are good problems to have, however.)

Add the nightly writing sessions, plus a beta read or two and there goes the rest of my sanity.

Even all my errands are out to get me. I’m taking the family to Disney World in a few weeks for some much needed fun – but even that becomes a pain as we attempt to schedule last minute doctor appointments or what have you. Heck – I went to call my vet to see about boarding the kitties for that week…only to find out the vet was gone.

Just gone.

Drove by and found an empty clinic. So, of course,  I have to take them to another vet or boarding place…but I have no records, so now I have to get all their shots and check ups done pronto by a new vet or I’m SOL.

You know. The little things just sorta pile up and pile up.

Oddly enough, I should be more stressed out then I am, but at the moment I’m welcoming most of it, simply because it’s distracting me from the back pain. (I go to the doc’s tomorrow to see what options I have – if you didn’t see the update on Facebook, I got the results back from my discogram last week and I’ve got a Dallas level 5 tear on my L3-4 disc. This means I’m looking at a fusion, which means 6 weeks out of work, etc. etc.  So, options tomorrow. Hopefully some additional meds that will make traveling to DW a bit more comfortable in the meantime.

But, such is life.

Also, I’m debating if I have the time to try to get a little Valentine’s Day surprise of sorts out to my readers. (I’ll bet you can guess what it is. I just have to be careful – otherwise I could end up writing myself into a corner later on – and while I’m tempted to change a few things, I suspect some people might not be happy with that, so we shall see what happens.)

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