Combine and Condense

It occurs to me from time to time that I may be spreading myself a tad too thin.

Not even counting the usual writing stuff – the day job, the kids, whatever. But from a social networking standpoint, I’m beginning to suspect it’s time for a reworking of sorts.

I blog on my unofficial blog pretty much every day (except Sundays.) And I have my official author blog here too, but I only blog once in a while (and x-blog at the other one at the same time – usually authorly type things. You know. As opposed to unicorns humping dolphins.) But I also blog once a week at Word Whores. And once a month at The League of Reluctant Adults. And I have my tumblr (which I update pretty much all the time because it’s easy.)

And then I have my Sad Sausage Dogs tumblr. And website/blog – which definitely don’t get updated all that much at the moment, but once we start uploading pages, I would like to post more there. (And incidentally, I think we’re looking at April 30 for the first page to go up, so yay.)

And even with all this blogging and posting, I still run my gaming forum. I’m on Facebook with multiple pages and twitter with multiple accounts. (Sorry for the lack of Phin tweets lately – just hard to get into his mindset sometimes.)  And things like FourSquare and Linked In and GetGlue and all the rest of it.

Frankly, I’m getting tired and burned out on it and I know the “quality” of my posts is going down. Quality being subjective, but honestly, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just move unofficial blog into my official blog and post from one place.

I’ve kept them separate, mostly because I started the unofficial blog much earlier and at the time it made sense. Keep the silly and ranty posts there and the more serious ones over here. But am I doing a greater disservice to myself by doing so? I mean, it’s all me, one way or the other and I don’t really keep much back. Though I do worry that maybe not everyone knows or wants to check so many places to find out my stuff. On the other hand, maybe that’s good? People who only want the official stuff know where to go and those who want the goofy can go to the other one.


I’ll think on it a bit longer, but I am leaning more toward combining things, just so there’s less to do.  Could be I just need a break for a few weeks too.

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