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Combine and Condense

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It occurs to me from time to time that I may be spreading myself a tad too thin. Not even counting the usual writing stuff – the day job, the kids, whatever. But from a social networking standpoint, I’m beginning to suspect it’s time for a reworking of sorts. I blog on my unofficial blog pretty much every day (except Sundays.) And I have my official author blog here too, but I only blog once in a while (and x-blog at the other one at the same time – usually authorly type things. You know. As opposed to unicorns humping dolphins.) But I also blog once a week at Word Whores. And once a month at The League of Reluctant Adults. And I have my tumblr (which I update pretty much all the time because it’s easy.) And then I have my Sad Sausage Dogs tumblr. And website/blog – which… Read more