A Day in the Life of Phin

A special treat for all you Phineas fans out there – he’s over at Bibliophilic Book Blog with a little post about what an average day for him is like. (And oddly enough, he seems to be showing up to answer comments!)

Go check it out. 🙂

Incidentally, I’m actually looking at what it would take to maybe get a Team Phin shirt made up. He’s pretty much proving to be quite the popular character.

In other news and things, I’m being interviewed over at J.E. Taylor’s Musings and Rants blog today. I’m not sure if I’m musing or ranting, but I *am* answering questions.

And there is still time to win an iPod Touch from the Bitten by Books contest – you’ve got a few hours left to get your entry in!

Also completely randomly, this made me LOL. (Probably ’cause Lucy does the same thing.)

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