Word Whores: Guilty Pleasures

I’m over at Word Whores today talking about my own guilty pleasure (computer gaming, of course.). Stop on by if you enjoy a little tank and spank of your own. 😉

Otherwise, due to snow issues, I lost power last night from about 6 PM to 4:30 AM this morning, so I missed the craft chat over at Savvy. Hopefully we can get that rescheduled soon, so many apologies there. Almost tried to get out to the local B&N to steal their wireless, but the roads were pretty bad and quite frankly I’d be surprised if any of the stores stayed open past nine anyway. So, there we go.

I’m also over at Night Owl Romance today, talking a little bit about animal sidekicks. Check it out for a chance to win a copy of A Brush of Darkness. 🙂

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