The Day After…


It’s sort of anticlimactic today. After all that massive amount of build-up and crazy tweeting and online chatting and giving away of iPods….today just seems so…normal.


I did stop by the local B&N yesterday and beamed at the three copies of A Brush of Darkness that were sitting on the shelf. Dan took a picture of me there. I doubt any of you will ever see it, because instead of smiling, I have this sort of strained grimace thing going on.

In years to come, people will wonder if I was stoned, or drunk. Possibly both. Definitely tired.

Anyway, just a few things on tap for today – I have a guest post over at Book Chick City and I’m doing a live chat tonight over at Savvy Authors at 9 PM (EST). I’ll be talking a bit about the differences in UF and Paranormal Romance and some of the overlap. (And some of the things I had to do with BoD).

Also, for some reason BoD isn’t available on any other e-format other than Kindle right now. It’s supposed to be on the Nook, iBooks and the Sony Reader. So, I’m terribly sorry if you’ve been unable to find it, but please know I’m looking into it and that it should hopefully be fixed soon.

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