Release Day! And Snark Award!

Owly ImagesWell, I’ve been up for well over 24 hours at this point and unable to sleep from all the excitement, but I just wanted to pop on and thank everyone so, so much for all the fabulous shout outs today/last night. (And, OMG, the tweets! The tweeting has been insane!) And flowers from Danielle! (And silly pictures of unicorns in underwear and hedgehogs!)

Also very, very cool? The League of Reluctant Adults very own Mark Henry has just awarded me with the very first League of Reluctant Adults Snark Certification.

@Phintheunicorn is *so* proud. 😀

And the iPod Touch giveaway is about to go live in about 30 minutes, so I hope to see you all there soon! (Bring questions!)

The link isn’t up yet, but I’ll update here as soon as I have it. Otherwise just check on Bitten by Books.

Update -> Here’s the actual link to enter the contest. Please note that if you RSVP’d earlier, you have to mention that when you comment to get the points!

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