Win a Phin! (and ARC)

To celebrate the upcoming holidays (and the release of A Brush of Darkness next month,) I’m hosting a mini contest! Winner gets an ARC and an awesome stuffed unicorn of their very own. 😉


1) You have to write a haiku. Unicorn haiku would be preferred, but anything to do with bacon is a plus. (Bonus points if Hello Kitty or David Garrett is involved.)

They can be raunchy. (If you feel like branching into limerick mode, that’s okay too.) You may enter more than one haiku. Each one nets you three points.

Phin’s example:

My horn is so small
I barely reach to your knees
Good thing I’m well hung.


2) Standard stuff: You will get extra points/chances to win if you talk about the contest. One extra point for tweeting or facebooking. Three extra points if you blog about it.

3) The contest is open until midnight EST on Dec 24th (winner to be drawn on Christmas day.)

That’s it! The information from the form gets captured and sent to me (and no, I’m not going to harvest your email addresses, I just need to know who to contact afterwards). The haiku won’t be listed here due to the way the form works, but I’d love it if you’d add them to the comments below as well and share the love.)


(I’m hosting the form on my other blog to keep things simple –> Go here!

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