More Unicorn Awesomesauce!

Four days left in my Win a Phin & ARC contest! So far, the haiku are brilliantly funny (and they just keep pouring in, so keep it up!)

In the meantime, I need to give a shout out to @TheAntiM, for sending me my very own Avenging Unicorn playset. Honestly, shock of my life to find it in the mail yesterday, along with a lovely Elvis Christmas card.

Color me shocked that anyone actually reads this blog and pays attention to my natterings of  “I want this.” LOL.

Here, the unicorn impales a blond girl. –>

(According to the back of the box: “Does the New Age lady at the bookstore get on your nerves when she starts ranting about her latest encounter with an ancient warrior spirit?” LMAO)

I have chosen to leave the impaling unicorn upon my netbook, next the fab (and sorta upside down) Cut the Rope box my coworker gave me this morning.

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