Pajama Jeans

I have to admit I suspected WTFkery when I first saw them. (Courtesy of Mr myn, who actually snagged me a pair for Mother’s Day.) Because they’re pajamas! But they’re also jeans! Jeans you can sleep in. They have pockets with rivets, but no front zipper.

Is a puzzlement.

But I’ve decided that they are actually pure genius. And clearly made for moms.** Or writers. Or gamers. Or people who have a tendency to stay up too late and fall sleep in their clothes.


Why so awesome? Because they’re soft enough that they feel pretty comfortable, but on the other hand, I can answer the door in them without feeling like I’m still in my…pajamas? Which probably doesn’t make much sense, but if you’ve ever been awakened at 6 am to make pancakes for munchkins after 3 hours of sleep, you’ll probably get it.  It’s like – okay, I’m asleep, but I’m already dressed! Maximum efficiency. The only way it could be more awesome is if they came with the Three Wolf Moon Shirt.

But these look enough like the real thing that I could easily check the mail or even run to the 7-11 in them and no one would bat an eye. I mean, no – I wouldn’t go clubbing in them, but say, for a convention? Pure brilliance – because there you are, getting ready for bed and then all your buds want you to meet them poolside for drinks? You’re there and you don’t have to change. Whee!

**(And I don’t mean that in a “mom jean” sort of thing, though given the semi-elastic nature of the waistband, you could probably make that argument.

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