Pajama Jeans

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I have to admit I suspected WTFkery when I first saw them. (Courtesy of Mr myn, who actually snagged me a pair for Mother’s Day.) Because they’re pajamas! But they’re also jeans! Jeans you can sleep in. They have pockets with rivets, but no front zipper. Is a puzzlement. But I’ve decided that they are actually pure genius. And clearly made for moms.** Or writers. Or gamers. Or people who have a tendency to stay up too late and fall sleep in their clothes. *cough* Why so awesome? Because they’re soft enough that they feel pretty comfortable, but on the other hand, I can answer the door in them without feeling like I’m still in my…pajamas? Which probably doesn’t make much sense, but if you’ve ever been awakened at 6 am to make pancakes for munchkins after 3 hours of sleep, you’ll probably get it.  It’s like – okay, I’m… Read more