Moving On…

Meh.  I’m plunging along into those first few chapters of ShadowWeaver (and mad props to the WaterCooler gang over at FF&P for their flash-drafting…I haven’t manage to crank out that many words in 30 minutes in a *very* long time!). Not that I have a huge amount to show for it…the muse is a bit fickle, at the moment.  The words are there, they just seem to be a bit reluctant to be put down. I need to drag out my Mindola cards to see if I can put some things into order. I have several key scenes that need to happen in the story, and those are already half written in my head.  I may just go and skip ahead and get them down, because at least one of them is going to require some more research on my part.

I’m not pushing myself too hard this week, though.  Between the surgery coming up on Friday and the sheer amount of stuff I need to do at work and around the house to prep up for it, it’s been a little hard to find a few minutes of breathing time. Well, that and stupid me – I installed Curse on the PC (which has been giving me new video card fits…gah, damn that BSoD), and it just pops up every once in a while to look for WoW add-on updates, beckoning me down the dark path with its shiny orange flame.


Thus far I’ve been very good – limiting it to maybe 15 minutes in the very wee hours – about midnight or so…but it’s hard.  LOL.

I’m also taking a workshop on using the Tarot for writers. It’s a little more work than I thought it would be, but thus far it’s been excellent, and I really enjoy using the cards to work up some new insights. I got several important subplots for the last book that way, so its definitely not something to sneer at – even if it’s just my subconscious working through the imagery.

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