Love is Blind

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Amazing story of a pair of Great Danes looking for a new home in the UK. The one on the left (Lily)is completely blind and dependent on her friend (Maddison) to help lead her around. Just throwing this out there, because these two really do deserve a good home… Read more

WoW Awesome

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You know. You can get these at Hot Topic. Just sayin’. And yes, it’s a bit of an inside joke among the WoW crowd. But I still kinda want one.… Read more

WoW Dork

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Obviously I haven’t visited the armory in a long time. But this is kinda cool. 🙂  Go on. Make her dance. You know you want to. 😛… Read more

Moving On…

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Meh.  I’m plunging along into those first few chapters of ShadowWeaver (and mad props to the WaterCooler gang over at FF&P for their flash-drafting…I haven’t manage to crank out that many words in 30 minutes in a *very* long time!). Not that I have a huge amount to show for it…the muse is a bit fickle, at the moment.  The words are there, they just seem to be a bit reluctant to be put down. I need to drag out my Mindola cards to see if I can put some things into order. I have several key scenes that need to happen in the story, and those are already half written in my head.  I may just go and skip ahead and get them down, because at least one of them is going to require some more research on my part. I’m not pushing myself too hard this week, though.… Read more

For the Horde

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Ok – it’s blurry, but hey, I was driving and the jeep got away before I could get a better shot. What can I say? Looks like NoVa is a haven for WoW players. The license plate says: 4DEHORD Clever, no? And looks like a home-made paint job on the tire cover.… Read more