Ok, so the cure for not being able to sleep the night before is apparently dancing for over 3 hours and then sitting at the bar for another 2, coming home, taking a shower and stumbling into bed around 3 or 4 am. *cough*.

And I have to pitch today. I have not written a pitch. Myn is going to wing it. The workshop was very helpful and I have happily managed to rub shoulders with a fair number of editors/agents/pubbed writers to have a good idea of what I need to do. So yay for me.

Went to the EC Jungle party last night. I seem to have left my monkey on the table. I also lost my ankle bracelet and I’m a wee bit heartbroken about that, but not sure if I’ll be able to find it. Talked/danced with some models last night. It’s rather amusing. They’d slink around the dance floor and sort of insert themselves with a gaggle of women, chat for a few minutes, find out if we were going to be around for the voting, hand out a picture/business card and then slink away. It probably doesn’t help that most of them seemed more interested in dancing with each other. (One of them is a total Cindar clone, though – and dude can *dance*! Although not with me.) LOL. Although the guy dancing in the french maid costume(?!) and fishnets was pretty damn funny. Do I have pictures? Erm. No. No I don’t. I have been told I may be on youtube – I haven’t been able to find out if it’s true yet. There are some pictures of me with the large purple blow up alien (Bob) floating around. I’ll see about getting some of them up later.

My roomies are awesome. They also like to dance. This is very rare. 🙂

So today, it’s a few more workshops, and then pitches (I signed up for another one – so I have 2 today and 2 tomorrow), and then the faery ball tonight. Whee! More dancing! Think I will have to find the hot tub today/tonight. My back and knees are definitely feeling the burn from last night, but it was totally worth it.

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