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Ok, so the cure for not being able to sleep the night before is apparently dancing for over 3 hours and then sitting at the bar for another 2, coming home, taking a shower and stumbling into bed around 3 or 4 am. *cough*. And I have to pitch today. I have not written a pitch. Myn is going to wing it. The workshop was very helpful and I have happily managed to rub shoulders with a fair number of editors/agents/pubbed writers to have a good idea of what I need to do. So yay for me. Went to the EC Jungle party last night. I seem to have left my monkey on the table. I also lost my ankle bracelet and I’m a wee bit heartbroken about that, but not sure if I’ll be able to find it. Talked/danced with some models last night. It’s rather amusing. They’d slink… Read more