Whee! Greetings from RT!

Ok…here for less than 24 hours, but I can already tell it’s going to be a good time.


1) The guy at security in the airport flirted with me. Said my eyes were hypnotic and then mumbled something about getting into trouble. Erm?

2) The airplane was late, but the seat next to me was *empty*. Yay. Room to stretch out.

3) Roomies are fun!

4) Jacuzzis are fun!


1) Roomies snore! (or at least one of them does – and you’d think I’d be used to it by now since mr myn snores. However, it seems kinda rude to reach out across the room and kick Liz in the butt with my foot like I do with him.)

2) The motherfucking mockingbird that sat outside our room and sang ALL DAMN NIGHT. “TWIT TWIT TWIT. WHOO WHOO WHOO. ACKY ACKY ACKY“. I honestly didn’t recognize what birds it was mocking. However, mockingbirds always do things in threes, thus it was a mockingbird.

3) The ipod has stopped playing music by Don Henley. Which isn’t *that* big a deal, but it does kinda tick me off.

4) Internet connection is kinda flaky. I can’t check my comcast email from it. Weird.

Meh. All good though. I didn’t get much sleep, but I think by tonight I’ll probably be tired enough that it won’t matter. On schedule for today is a morning mixer and several workshops, including one on pitching. I need to get over that hump I have about talking about the book. It’s not that I feel ashamed of it or anything goofy like that, just that I have a very hard time talking about anything that close to me in person. All well and good, but it makes it rather difficult to try to sell your manuscript, eh? It’s getting better, though – managed to get through it once or twice with my roomies and once I managed to open up about it it came out ok.

After workshops, we are having our FF&P mixer here in our suite. We have glow in the dark vampire ducks, btw. Stop by and take one. (There are many!) And then after that, it’s off to the Ellora’s Cave Jungle party, complete with Cavemen cover models. I’m not really dressing up for this one though. Just a black dress with giraffes. (That’s about as jungle as I get). Tomorrow night is the faerie ball, though – and all bets are off for that.

Ok…enough about me. It’s time for breakfast! 😀

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