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So I find myself in a post-edit funk today. Not that my edits are done, by any stretch. But I’ve gone through everything, scratched out my notes, made some tweaks, drew some maps and timelines and all that fun stuff needed to solidify the world. And now I get to go back and make all those changes. It should be exciting and on one level it is really nice to see everything come together. But there’s still a lot of second-guessing going on. I’m still not sure it’s what I originally envisioned. Well, I know it’s not – which doesn’t make it bad, but I can’t help feeling it’s not good enough. (On the scale of things, this isn’t a bad place to be – I’m in a prime position to make changes as much as I want. You know, as opposed to 1st pass pages where I decide I… Read more


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Today has been one of *those* days. Which started last night, about 1 AM. I was actually being good – editing as opposed to farting around on tumblr – until I got an email just as I was about to head to bed. My NWN MMO account had been hacked. Now, I’m a veteran of MMOs. I don’t click links I shouldn’t click and I keep my nose clean and my passwords tight. But however the person got it, the reason I found out was because PWE sent me an email indicating that they’d had a request for a new email address to be connected to my account. But instead of letting me confirm this particular request, they sent the confirmation to the NEW email address. Which was some bogus hotmail account. The icing on the cake is that I got this notification about 30 minutes AFTER the request was… Read more


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I’ve been staying offline a bit the last few weeks for various reasons, but on twitter yesterday I noticed a bit of buzz going on about what happens when a reader releases spoilers of a book before the book has been released. Now, the actual thing is that the latest Sookie Stackhouse book is due to be released on May 7th – but it’s not just the latest book in the series – it’s the LAST book. For readers who have been heavily invested in these stories (this fandom, let’s call it) – it’s a pretty big deal.  Long-awaited answers should be revealed, plots lines should be wrapped up…in short, we want to know what happens to our favorite waitress and her vampire suitors. Here’s the thing though. A German reader ended up with a copy of the book and released the last chapter spoilers. And people are angry. Not… Read more

1 Reason Why

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If you’re a gamer, you’re probably aware that the Twitterverse exploded over the last few days about sexism in gaming. Which, if you’re a female gamer, you’re probably going, “Well, duh.” There’s actually three different Twitter hashtags – #1ReasonWhy (as in 1 reason why it sucks to be a woman in the gaming industry. Sad stuff here, and some of the usual trolls, so be warned.) On the brighter side, two happy hashtags resulted – the #1ReasonMentors, which is people looking for and volunteering to be gaming industry mentors. If you’re looking to get more info and you’ve been intimidated in the past, this might be a good place to start. Also check out #1ReasonToBe for reasons WHY women are a part of the gaming industry. The thing is, I sort of take issue with people saying how this hashtag is exposing the dark underbelly of sexism in gaming. It’s always… Read more