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1 Reason Why

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If you’re a gamer, you’re probably aware that the Twitterverse exploded over the last few days about sexism in gaming. Which, if you’re a female gamer, you’re probably going, “Well, duh.” There’s actually three different Twitter hashtags – #1ReasonWhy (as in 1 reason why it sucks to be a woman in the gaming industry. Sad stuff here, and some of the usual trolls, so be warned.) On the brighter side, two happy hashtags resulted – the #1ReasonMentors, which is people looking for and volunteering to be gaming industry mentors. If you’re looking to get more info and you’ve been intimidated in the past, this might be a good place to start. Also check out #1ReasonToBe for reasons WHY women are a part of the gaming industry. The thing is, I sort of take issue with people saying how this hashtag is exposing the dark underbelly of sexism in gaming. It’s always… Read more