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Happy Halloween!

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Late night post because I spent most of the day in various states of traveling – I probably won’t be blogging too much the next few days. Cons just tend to keep me busy/exhausted/whatever so I tend to slack off. I did want to mention that I’m participating in a Halloween blog-hop this week though. Go here to check out my interview and to enter for a chance to win any of my three books (winner’s choice and open internationally).  Plus there’s an overall prize of a $50 gift certificate for B & N and tons of other author/editor prizes. Go here to find out more and to find the other authors! Otherwise, just a reminder about my reading on Friday at 5:30 if you’re at WFC. (And don’t forget NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! Get those fingers cracking!) Hope everyone had a great Halloween!… Read more

Up to Speed

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I’m at that stage in my revisions where everything starts looking like crap. Part of that is just the pressure of knowing it needs to be finished in the next few days, and part because it’s *all* I’ve looked at for the last two weeks. Not that I don’t love my story…but when you’re nitpicking every little word it can be hard to tell. Is this necessary? Should I put something else in here? Do I need to go back and drop a line or two about something that happened two books ago? Or will the reader just know? And bringing new readers up to speed is probably one of my biggest failings. For one, I usually hate doing it. It always feels a bit false to me. “Let me just drop a summary paragraph….HERE!” It’s can be hard to do it in an organic fashion without feeling like an… Read more

Baltimore Book Festival

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Okay – Here is my schedule for this upcoming Saturday at the Baltimore Book Festival: 1-2 PM – Panel – Worldbuilding in Science Fiction and Fantasy 4-5 PM – Booksigning (might have books for sale or not. Will have bookplates and trading cards for sure.) 5-6 PM – Panel – How Did Monsters Become the Good Guys? 6-7 PM – Reading/Giveaway  – I’ll be reading a bit of A Brush of Darkness (but WHAT part??? *strokes chin*) Otherwise, I’ll be bumming around and checking things out, so please stop on by and say hi! 😀… Read more