And Just Who *Are* My Characters, Anyway?

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Sort of a continuation of yesterday’s post, but without the smut. (Boo…) Anyway, so as I continue to NaNo along, I’ve definitely found ShadowWeaver to be picking up nicely. Although a few of the chapters start out a bit aimlessly, I now have a good idea of where I’m going. It’s different than I initially imagined it, but I’ve got the setup in place now and we’re starting to get into the action. MoonSong still continues to give me off and on fits. In some ways, I’m actually grateful for NaNo for this – it’s allowing me to try writing the same chapter from different PoVs without the added pressure of feeling like I need to produce it NOW. (Unlike ShadowWeaver, which is more established in my head, so I know what I’m putting down needs to count a bit more). However, some interesting things coming into play here with… Read more

Smut and the 1st PoV

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I had a slightly different topic of discussion yesterday that was lost by way of a few careless keystrokes, but I think this might be a little more interesting. It’s funny to me, because as I’ve mentioned before, I adore first person stories. Or maybe a better qualified statement is that I adore *good* first person stories. And as I’ve stated before, most of my favorite books are written in first, although certainly not all of them. We’ve had quite the discussion on the FF&P loops the last few days about it – what people like and don’t like, and I’ve seen a few impromptu polls go up on Facebook about it too. People seem to fall into three categories: 1) Either they loathe first person and refuse to read anything in it, regardless of author, storyline, etc or 2) People who don’t mind it at all. or 3) People… Read more


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I had a million other things I wanted to talk about today, or this week, even, but work has completely overwhelmed me. I’m barely keeping my head above water between the Exchange Migration and the ISO 20K draft work I’m doing. Throw in a kid with strep and a time change and we’ve got quite the party happening. I’m still writing – not always getting that 1000 done. Most of the time I still do, but there have been a few nights where I’ve let it go, just too mentally exhausted to even look at another computer screen. When I’m rereading the same sentence five or six times, I know it’s time to crash. So, in the meantime I decided to try editing up my first chapter again – it’s been awhile and I’m still writing the story (up to Chapter 17 now…maybe ten left? hard to say…) and sent… Read more