Well, I haven’t updated in a while. There’s always reasons, I suppose – some are health related, some are holiday related, some are writing related.

(And*cough*Dragon Age Inquisition*cough* 1st playthrough was over 130 hours who me?*cough*I romanced the bald egg elf because of course I did*cough* I regret nothing.)

That and the office job has been kicking my ass fairly regularly. I used to blog during my lunch hour, but office security has been tightening up as far as online stuff goes – I can’t log into certain IM clients anymore, Sad Sausage Dogs was actually listed as a pr0n site (hello? it’s my web comic?)…and access to this site is also restricted. Oddly enough, I can get to it and I can attempt to create a post – but upon posting, it wigs out and says the site is untrusted and therefore, no. And then I lose everything I’ve written. (Even if I attempt to save it as a draft, so…yeah.)

Which is sort of a bummer because by the time I get home, I’ve lost my drive to talk about anything. Call it mental quiet, maybe. I  end up using whatever energy I have left to handle mundane issues, and when I can squeeze in some writing time, I’d rather have it go to books than the blog. (And mundane stuff never ends…homework, parkour lessons, horseback lessons, dog obedience and k-9 nose classes. And thank the gods for doggy daycare a few times a week – I end up with an exhausted puppy by the end of the day and a chance to actually get something done, but sheesh. Have a few days like this past week where school has been delayed by 2 hours every morning due to weather and currently a rather sick child…it wears on a body.)

Health reasons are always there, but several different bouts of medication failures over the last month or so have left me with severe muscle cramps, possibly permanent hearing loss, and in one case, slurred speech for a day. At this point I’m pretty much trying to switch over to more holistic type stuff, since every time I go to one of my specialists they keep pushing some new drug on me. “This one might work!” Ugh. No. The flare-ups of Fibromylagia come and go. I’ve lost a few weekends to chronic exhaustion where I can’t leave the bed, but at least I’m recognizing them for what they are. It’s like the sea – you can’t fight it so much as let it wash over you and recover as best you can.

Writingwise was busier last month, mostly with revisions of the latest WIP. Streamlining it, massaging it, hopefully making it clearer, but it’s one of those things. After staring at it for so long, it feels like rearranging a word here or there will unravel the whole thing. It’s hard to tell, but at least it’s done for now, and I’ve been revisiting some stuff I put on the backburner a while ago with fresh eyes.

So, balancing act, I suppose.  Sort of like Moon Moon up there. Maybe if I twist my tail hard enough, I’ll be able to fly too?

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