Brain Freeze

brainThis awesome image is by Natalia and you can get it on a T-Shirt here!

It’s a pretty good representation of my own mind at the moment. Mostly because I’ve got a number of things being juggled, but also because I suddenly find myself with ideas and no place to put them.

And most of them are unrelated, so then it becomes a matter of prioritizing – what can I get done and what’s a pipe dream, and what just needs to be back-burnered until such time that it makes sense to work on it.

Like, I have this concept that could make a really funny, tongue-in-cheek game or comic…but I’m not sure where or how I’d pitch it. (I *could* write it up as a series of short stories or something, but honestly, everything I’m imagining definitely requires a more visual medium.) And okay, yes, I’ve got friends in various industries here or there, but most of them are working on their own stuff, so it’s not like I can just “insert idea here” and expect them to drop everything to help me out.

At least not without plying them with alcohol and snacks first.

But we shall have to see. I’ve got some feelers out, anyway and the interwebs are a funny thing.

Still. I’m in this rather pleasant place of ideas. Even if I don’t write them all down, giving them percolation time without pressure is sort of fun.

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