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Brain Freeze

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This awesome image is by Natalia and you can get it on a T-Shirt here! It’s a pretty good representation of my own mind at the moment. Mostly because I’ve got a number of things being juggled, but also because I suddenly find myself with ideas and no place to put them. And most of them are unrelated, so then it becomes a matter of prioritizing – what can I get done and what’s a pipe dream, and what just needs to be back-burnered until such time that it makes sense to work on it. Like, I have this concept that could make a really funny, tongue-in-cheek game or comic…but I’m not sure where or how I’d pitch it. (I *could* write it up as a series of short stories or something, but honestly, everything I’m imagining definitely requires a more visual medium.) And okay, yes, I’ve got friends in… Read more