Bumming Around

I’m supposed to be lying on the beach right now. Or really, I should be having a delicious dinner *after* lying on the beach all day. But, thanks to a certain hurricane sweeping up the East Coast on the ONE WEEKEND I was going to go to the beach this summer…not so much.

So, mr myn and I dropped the kids off at daycare and just had a day. Small errands. Went out to lunch. Bought a shirt at Old Navy. Saw Captain America. Visited a car audio store. (Long and short answer is…I don’t like the speakers in the new car. There actually *is* a subwoofer there already. And it sucks. Will probably get a whole new set of speakers and a real sub. I hate to be a music snob. I do. But I spend so much time sitting in traffic in my car and the music is what lets me cope. Love the car, but three days after buying it, I’m detesting the sound. So…yeah. >_<  Will probably cost me about $1600 including the amp and labor, but it will be worth it in the end.)

What’s the point of being able to directly integrate my iPod into the stereo if I can’t listen to Derezzed in all its Daft Punk glory?

And no, I don’t actually have a Millennium Falcon insignia on the car. But if I wanted, I could get one. (or the Tardis, for example)

Overall, it was a nice day.  (The kids had a little end of summer party at the daycare center, so we hung out there for a while. Moonbounces and ice cream, whee!)

On a completely unrelated note, @Darchala is sketching out the beginnings of the next set of trading cards for A Sliver of Shadow. (Ion in human form! Moira! Talivar! Um. About Talivar? I’m actually going to change what he looks like a bit in the book based on the image she’s come up with. It’s pretty smoking and I think I have to use it. Haven’t gotten the copyedits yet, so there’s still time to change a line or two…*dreamy sigh*)

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