Word Whores, Live Chats & Giveaways!

Okay – I’m all over the place today! First up is my usual weekly post over at Word Whores – this week we’re discussing our favorite street corners. (Odd topic and strangely hard to write.)

I’m also over at Book Monster Reviews with an author interview and tonight I’ve got a live author chat over at Literal Addiction from 8-10 PM EST. Both sites have chances for you to win a signed copy of A Brush of Darkness or the sequel, A Sliver of Shadow (Release date of Feb 2012). I’m leaving the choice up to the winner – and I’ll toss in some trading cards with that as well. (There are new ones coming with new characters in the next few months.)

So please stop on my and leave some comments or questions! (I have NO idea what I’ll be discussing during the chat – anything and everything is fair game – bacon, Hello Kitty, SoS spoilers, whatever.) 🙂

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