Bumming Around

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I’m supposed to be lying on the beach right now. Or really, I should be having a delicious dinner *after* lying on the beach all day. But, thanks to a certain hurricane sweeping up the East Coast on the ONE WEEKEND I was going to go to the beach this summer…not so much. So, mr myn and I dropped the kids off at daycare and just had a day. Small errands. Went out to lunch. Bought a shirt at Old Navy. Saw Captain America. Visited a car audio store. (Long and short answer is…I don’t like the speakers in the new car. There actually *is* a subwoofer there already. And it sucks. Will probably get a whole new set of speakers and a real sub. I hate to be a music snob. I do. But I spend so much time sitting in traffic in my car and the music is… Read more

Bleah Car Shopping

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Just a short post today to reaffirm the fact that I detest car shopping with all the heat of a thousand burning suns. No, I haven’t bought anything yet. Probably will tomorrow. Was trying to talk myself into a smexy Jeep Rubicon, but the back bench seat is *really* uncomfortable for the kids (doesn’t recline at all. Okay for short trips, but I suspect longer drives would probably suck. I sat in it for all of five minutes while it was in park and my back was ready to commit seppaku within 30 seconds.) And so I will probably have to go with something a tad more family oriented after all. *sobs quietly into the corner* The picture, btw, is a bright yellow Mustang. With a mounted deer head up on a tow hitch. It apparently is electronic and moves. I can’t decide if that’s brilliant or completely messed up.… Read more