Rambling…and Title Contest Winner

Obviously I didn’t blog yesterday, but it was Easter and we had family stuff to do. Plus, I’m starting to get a little more selfish with my time (if that’s even remotely possible.) But I am trying to cut myself a bit of a break from time to time and I decided to let yesterday slip through the cracks.

And really, on a good note, I was able to rebuild that 4k I hacked from last week and get some additional words in…and now I’m all caught up to where I was (and hopefully the book is headed in a better direction. *I* feel a little better about it anyway, and that’s probably all that matters.) Hmmm. Maybe I *should* be blogging less?

Otherwise, things are starting to get back on their normal schedules. The kids finally made it back to school/daycare today and it’s a bit of a relief to have things settling down. Of course, our AC decided to go on the fritz last night and blow nothing but lukewarm air, but hopefully we can get that fixed up soon. (Of course, we’ll probably be stuck on some waiting list for two weeks since apparently yesterday was the first day to get hot enough for everyone to turn on their AC…and *poof*.)

Contest stuff: I don’t have the official title from the publisher yet for Book 2, but out of all the suggestions I got – from both blogs, facebook, twitter *and* random emails – I’m going to have to go with “A Hint of Shadows” from Meaghan. (AKA @abookwormshaven) for my personal fav.   So, congrats Meaghan – please send me an email with your full address and I’ll make sure you get an ARC of book 2 when it comes out!


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