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Photobucket I’ve officially signed up for a third convention this summer – the Authors After Dark con in Philly. And hey, I’m actually going to be on a few panels in this one (look for me specifically on the one about odd paranormal creatures in books. Go figure.)

Even though the con starts on Thursday, I won’t actually be able to make it until Friday morning, my schedule being what it is – but I’ll definitely be there for the book signing on Saturday and the SteamPunk party.

So that’s three cons this summer (plus a cruise in the Bahamas). Plus book 3 due in August. Gonna be crazy, but I suspect I’ll survive. *cough*

Anyway. I’ve also gone ahead and gotten a PO Box. I’ve had a few requests for signed copies of BoD, and if you head over to the Contact form on my author site, I’ve got the details over there as to what you need to do. (It involves sending me a SASE, I’m afraid, but I just can’t pay for additional shipping.)  I’ll also be throwing up an FAQ at some point over the weekend, since I’m getting a lot of questions about the series name (don’t have one yet), and when the next book will be out (Jan 2012), and things of that nature. If anyone has additional questions, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do about answering them. 🙂

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