Hello Kitty Zombies

You know, last week after we wandered about the corn maze in the dark, we drove home with the heat on full blast.

And I was still freezing.

Mr myn couldn’t understand why and I tried to explain to him that my backside was a block of ice.

He obviously didn’t believe me, so he copped a quick feel (in a non-pervy sense), withdrew his hand and then calmly asked how long I’d been undead for.


Aannnnyway. In the spirit of such, mr myn not only took the kids out to IHOP and to a movie this morning/afternoon (to give me a little alone time), but he was also struck by the sudden urge to stop by Hot Topic and purchase me a blanket of Hello Kitty Zombie Awesomesauce.

This is true love, my friends.

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