Axe Cop

I bought mr myn an Axe Cop T-shirt the other day.

Two, in fact.  This one, and one where Axe Cop is riding around on Wexter, a dinosaur with machine guns for arms.

No I don’t really have a reason, except that it struck me as horribly ironic to have a real cop wearing it beneath his uniform. (Which he might. He also might never forgive me for buying it, but that’s another story all together.)

In case you’re wondering, Axe Cop is a comic strip written by a 5 year old boy and then illustrated by his 30 year old artist brother.

In either case, go read it. It’s sort of an amusing look at the inner workings of a boy’s mind. (And being the owner of one myself, I can say for a fact that it’s pretty damn accurate.)

If you want your own shirt(s), you can get them from Topatoco.

I didn’t neglect myself either, and picked up a strange t-shirt about giraffe love. Because that’s how I roll, yo.

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