Versatile Blogger Award

Over the 4th of July weekend, Danica Avet was nice enough to award my blog with this lovely badge. 🙂  I’d meant to get it up sooner, but time being what it is, it had slipped my mind. So here we go.

Now, here are the rules:

1. Thank those who loved me enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 15 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.
4. Drop by and let my fifteen new friends know I love them.
I think I’m honestly running out of things to talk about myself, but here goes:
1. I’ve been a licensed NAUI SCUBA diver since I was 15. Of course, I haven’t actually been diving in a while, but it’s still a nice thing to have. 
2. I never turn off Dirty Dancing if I come across it on TV. I don’t know why. I won’t actually play the DVD, but if Johnny Castle shows up on TBS, I’m totally there. 
3. When I was 5, I had a huge crush on the dude who played Davy Crockett. Yes, Fess Parker. I was somehow equating making my bed with being a “good wife.” Yeah, okay, issues. I know. I was five.
4. I broke my big toe on my left foot when I was about two, after dropping a massive glass piggy bang on it. (Full of pennies). The glass didn’t break, thankfully, but my toe has been a cracking mess ever since. 
5. When I was younger, my brother and my friend Eric and I would wander around the woods. Sometimes we would get pretty lost. We had a “Goblin Caller” – which was a McDonalds Fry Guy whistle. Strangely enough, when we blew it to ask the goblins for help, we’d find our way out. 
6. I once went to a nightclub in Ireland called Baywatch. Like the show. I can’t really live down the shame of that. There were posters of David Hasselhoff everywhere. I danced by myself until some guy came up and grabbed my boobs and told me to “Shake it baby!” At which point I slunk away, horrified. 
7. I adored the Gargoyles cartoon so much that I actually scheduled my college classes around it. (Yeah, issues, I know.)
Oookay. Assuming you haven’t fled screaming into the night by now, here’s the 15 or so people I’d like to award this to:
1. Delilah Marvelle – I learn something tastefully historic and kinky every time I visit.
2. Kate Elliot – Brilliant author
3. Carolina Valdez Miller – Fun blogger and twitter author!
4. Sara McClung – She lives right near me. One of these days we are going out for lunch. (Or I will stalk her until she comes to the next DG concert with me.)
5. Cephalapod Tea Party – Duh.
6. Cheeky Reads – Great reviews and fun blogs. 🙂
7. Dark Erotica – It doesn’t get updated much, but there’s some really great writing advice here.
8. WrittenWyrdd – Lots of great writing posts here!
9. Derek Molata – simply because he’s awesome.
10.Donna Hole – another up and coming writer with some really great flash fiction.
11. Girls Do Play WoW – because we do, and this site proves it!
12. Help I Need a Publisher! – excellent writing advice – Nicole isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.
13. Kindle Vixen – a great book reviewer (plus we share the same opinions of a certain Really. Bad. Book.)
14. Wendy Sparrow – I love the graphic on the main page of her blog. And she has the most awesome tweets.
15.This Writer’s Life – More great writing advice

Yeah…think that’s about it for now. 🙂 Guess I just gotta tell all those awesome people just how awesome they are now.

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