Workshopping It

I’m starting to get requests to do workshops or guest blogs. Not a whole lot, yet, but enough that I’m starting to think about it.

Which is sort of odd for me, since I’m not sure I’m enough of an expert to really “teach” anyone anything about writing.

The best I can think of is maybe something on the art of being a panster. (or “mister” as Jeffe prefers). Or maybe some combination of things that might work for both pansters/plotters. Ideally, I’d like to get some input on maybe running Flash Fiction exercises, because some of what works in pansting is just letting go of the moment and writing what shows up. (Something that plotters tend to be fairly uncomfortable with.) Five minute writing prompts might work pretty well for that, I think.

But again, the most I can do is talk about what works for “me” – and I’m not sure that’s enough to constitute an entire workshop. A blog post, sure…but a workshop?

In either case, it’s sort of a moot point until I can manage to get some additional writing time in on my own – plus I’d like to be a bit closer to my book release, both because it would make nice PR and I’d probably come across as a bit more legitimate. (And I’m a lazy sot – and I need time to actually look at coming up with something that looks like a lesson plan. Although the panster in me wouldn’t mind just winging it. Probably doesn’t work in that sort of setting, though.)

But I’ll pose the question out here anyway – what *would* people be interested in hearing about from me? Pitching? Agent stuff? Editor stuff? Writing stuff? Hello Kitty & David Garrett & bacon and how those things make a trifecta of awesomesauce?

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