Midnight WTFkery

Yeah, it’s a mouse.

It’s called the G Point mouse.

And it looks like a vagina.


A vagina.

And like – yes, I know geeks are apparently hard up to find a date, but seriously?


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4 Responses to Midnight WTFkery

  1. Darchala says:

    My first thought, sadly enough, was to wonder how well it actually works.

    My second was to wonder how many fellows aren't going to be able to find the scroll button.

  2. Simon says:




    And also:


    That is all.

    P.S. I want one. On principle. That is really all.

  3. mynfel says:

    Bwah hahahahahah! Touche!

  4. mynfel says:

    Careful. I know where you live now. You might just get one for Xmas. 

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