The Weighting is the Hardest Part

Sadly enough, I weighed myself today for the first time in a few weeks – and I’m now officially at least 8 pounds heavier than I was this time last year. Most of it has come on in the last month or so – all those late night edits and stress snacks have finally taken their toll.**

That and I’ve basically been a slug – although frustratingly enough I went to use my treadmill last week and discovered it was well and truly broken – turns out the hex bolt that keeps the tread on the track snapped out of the plastic housing that holds it in place. It’s over 8 years old so I’m pretty sure they don’t make parts for it anymore – assuming it’s even really fixable.

So I’m starting to poke around looking for replacements, or even a stationary bike of sorts. The truth is that I really do need to get off my ass – but whatever I do, it’s going to have to be fairly low impact. I also am going to take a look at those Sketcher Shape Up things.I’ll admit I’m a tad skeptical about how well they work. I figure they can’t hurt – plus it turns out my dad and uncle have both been using them. Not for weight loss, but for back issues (and my dad has had two surgeries already so he knows of what he speaks.) Something about the shoe may help with the posture – both of them are swearing that their backs haven’t felt this good in years. Figure it’s worth a shot, anyway. I’ve been holding steady with my herbal supplements, at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind trying something that might help from a mechanical side.

** Someone tweeted last week that you can either be an author or you can avoid complex carbohydrates. I’m beginning to believe that’s actually got some truth to it.

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