Biting the Fitness

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Okay, the irony of using the FitBit doesn’t escape me at all. I want to lose a few pounds, but I don’t want to think too hard while I do it. Lazy mindset, active body. Maybe. It’s be a tough year overall for me physically – every time I’d attempt to get back into some sort of physical regimen, I’d gork something up in my back and be out of commission for weeks. It’s hard to get motivated when you know whatever you do is probably going to hurt you far past the “Feel the burn” concept. And speaking of burning, I’ve had 7 nerves burned out on the left side of my spine – I think we got the two causing the most amount of trouble with this last pass, but it does seem to help – though I need to wait a few more weeks before we know… Read more

Stepping Out

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A few years ago I managed to drop about 25 pounds or so. Mostly a combination of Weight Watchers and just limiting my overall food intake. I didn’t even really exercise – mostly because of chronic pain issues. Due to moments of high stress over the last year or so, I’ve slowly gained at least 10 pounds. Which isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things – I can hide it well enough, but I don’t really want to go there for too long. Besides it’s gone from ooh, bigger boobs to…ick. I’m getting a little tired of the status quo so I’m going back on the diet bandwagon for a while. Always hard to do during holiday season because it’s so easy to say “just one more slice of pie,” but I don’t really want to start this in another month either. (And yeah, I’ll still make… Read more

The Weighting is the Hardest Part

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Sadly enough, I weighed myself today for the first time in a few weeks – and I’m now officially at least 8 pounds heavier than I was this time last year. Most of it has come on in the last month or so – all those late night edits and stress snacks have finally taken their toll.** That and I’ve basically been a slug – although frustratingly enough I went to use my treadmill last week and discovered it was well and truly broken – turns out the hex bolt that keeps the tread on the track snapped out of the plastic housing that holds it in place. It’s over 8 years old so I’m pretty sure they don’t make parts for it anymore – assuming it’s even really fixable. So I’m starting to poke around looking for replacements, or even a stationary bike of sorts. The truth is that… Read more