Stepping Out

A few years ago I managed to drop about 25 pounds or so. Mostly a combination of Weight Watchers and just limiting my overall food intake. I didn’t even really exercise – mostly because of chronic pain issues.

Due to moments of high stress over the last year or so, I’ve slowly gained at least 10 pounds. Which isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things – I can hide it well enough, but I don’t really want to go there for too long. Besides it’s gone from ooh, bigger boobs to…ick.

I’m getting a little tired of the status quo so I’m going back on the diet bandwagon for a while. Always hard to do during holiday season because it’s so easy to say “just one more slice of pie,” but I don’t really want to start this in another month either. (And yeah, I’ll still make my meringues because this *is* that time of year, but I’ll be giving away more than I’ll be eating. Hopefully.)

I guess what’s most frustrating to me is that intentions don’t really mean much. I bought a killer treadmill back in April and I’ve used it like 5 times since then. Not because I didn’t want to…but I get on it and walk for 20 minutes (low impact) and something falls out – my SI or my lower vertebrae or whatever and then I’m in pain for like two weeks afterwards. Which sorta equates to NOT WORTH IT.

Which sucks, because I like walking. And I think it would help in the long run (and I sit all day at work. I write for hours at night. I would really like to do something that doesn’t involve sitting.)

At this point my SI is actually mostly stable, but the trigger point knots are still so tight that they’re actually pulling my joints out of alignment by themselves, so I’m off to start a round of lidocaine injections to see if that will “reset” them  in some fashion. It’s just one of those chronic things where the muscles can’t shut down by themselves anymore. (And I have tried this before and it did help…but since the underlying skeletal issues were still there, it was short lived. Hopefully now that the rest of me is sorta okay, the shots will help more this time.)


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