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My ShadowScapes tarot cards came in today – and they are just beyond gorgeous.  My only complaint is that the cards are on the smaller side so it’s hard to see all those tiny little details. But make no mistake, the artist really put her heart and soul into this deck and every little bit of it shows.

I’m taking a new Tarot workshop in a few weeks, although I may have to be content with just being a lurker this time around. I did run out to Michael’s today to get a new sketchpad though, since it was suggested for the class. I also picked up some new color pencils – although I ended up buying them from Amazon, since Michael’s overpriced them by over $100. I don’t mind paying a little extra to pick something up right there, but not *that* much.

Either way, I can’t wait to work with the deck. I’ve found Tarot cards to be an intriguing way to sometimes sort through plot issues or character backgrounds, or to find insights behind the hidden mechanisms of a scene and this set is exquisite.

I also picked up Brian Froud’s latest deck as well – the Heart of Faerie Oracle. Even though it’s not technically tarot, the cards are  lovely, in Froud’s usual style. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that there’s something somewhat sinister about his vision of Faerie, like he’s stripped away all the extras. What’s left is beautiful…and yet probably very dangerous. Still, I’ve had the deck for about a week, and on the occasion I’ve drawn a card or two, its message has been succinct and very pointed.

They are easy to interpret up front, but the longer I studied them, the more meaning I found.

Which is, I suppose, the whole point.

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