Shadowscapes Part III

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I’ve never made it a secret about just how much I adore Stephanie Pui-Mun Law‘s work, particularly her new Shadowscapes Tarot. I’ve got two sets of the decks (the regular and the special edition set which includes the Happy Squirrel card as well as a custom drawn sketch), her book on the Major Arcana, and now I’ve just received her book on the Minor Arcana as well. For both books I went ahead and splurged on the special edition, which basically just includes her signature and a custom sketch (of her choice on the inside.)  If I had the money I’d look at getting some of her originals, but with the medical stuff starting to pile on for those prolo-shots, I can’t really justify that right now. However, I do want to say that these books are just beautiful. They’re full of extra sketches and her notes on how she went… Read more

Tarot for Ideas

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My ShadowScapes tarot cards came in today – and they are just beyond gorgeous.  My only complaint is that the cards are on the smaller side so it’s hard to see all those tiny little details. But make no mistake, the artist really put her heart and soul into this deck and every little bit of it shows. I’m taking a new Tarot workshop in a few weeks, although I may have to be content with just being a lurker this time around. I did run out to Michael’s today to get a new sketchpad though, since it was suggested for the class. I also picked up some new color pencils – although I ended up buying them from Amazon, since Michael’s overpriced them by over $100. I don’t mind paying a little extra to pick something up right there, but not *that* much. Either way, I can’t wait to… Read more


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Ack! Pardon me while I scream. I accidentally signed up for two workshops this month and I’m sinking a bit. Actually that’s not entirely true. I am taking Arwen Lynch’s Hero’s Journey workshop and I’ve been finding it rather fascinating. Couldn’t find my Robin Wood tarot deck, so I went out and bought a new one. And the Mystic Fairy deck. And Buckland’s Romani deck. (That one had to be special ordered, actually, but I friggin *love* it). The workshop is nice and has allowed me to slow down and really look at just how my story is being put together – I’m really hoping to find some answers as to the backstory on a few of my characters. The other workshop is Margie Lawson’s ECE workshop, and OMG, the sheer amount of information this woman gives us is nothing short of amazing. Some people say you have to take… Read more