Ack! Pardon me while I scream. I accidentally signed up for two workshops this month and I’m sinking a bit. Actually that’s not entirely true. I am taking Arwen Lynch’s Hero’s Journey workshop and I’ve been finding it rather fascinating. Couldn’t find my Robin Wood tarot deck, so I went out and bought a new one. And the Mystic Fairy deck. And Buckland’s Romani deck. (That one had to be special ordered, actually, but I friggin *love* it). The workshop is nice and has allowed me to slow down and really look at just how my story is being put together – I’m really hoping to find some answers as to the backstory on a few of my characters.

The other workshop is Margie Lawson’s ECE workshop, and OMG, the sheer amount of information this woman gives us is nothing short of amazing. Some people say you have to take her workshops 2 or 3 times to get her EDITs system down and I can see why. My head is just spinning. It’s a good spin, though. Means my brain is being forced to work at a different angle. I actually went ahead and signed up for a few more of her upcoming workshops – I like her system, but I may only be able to apply it in small doses for the next while or so.

Work is absolutely nuts right now – short of the few moments I catch to myself in the evenings, there is no time for anything else but ISO 20k and Exchange migrations. And now it’s time for another meeting. Lessons learned on the latest pilot. Whooooooooo!

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