It’s Called Fiction For a Reason

An interesting topic came up the other day when I was talking to my aunt. I had sent her my ms a few weeks ago, just to get a feel for what she thought of it – we read a lot of the same sorts of books, after all.
I’d love for her to love it, but if she doesn’t, that’s okay too.  And at the same time, there’s a *lot* of me in this book – the average person might not see it, but knowing me as well as she does, she’s already been able to pick out quite a bit. I feel a little more exposed than I thought I would and that makes me leery about having other family members read it.

Which of course, they can do as they like. I’m just not sure I want to *know* what they think. (But then, I’ve always been a bit like this with my writing, so I suppose I’ll just have to get over that. Strangers? I could care less. My brother? Ewwww.)

At any rate, part of the conversation then revolved around my other aunt. (who is very conservative and religious – i.e. won’t read Harry Potter, etc.). I had just assumed she would probably hate it because of the smut level. “Ah, yes, you’re one of those *trashy* novelists.” Which doesn’t bug me, but then it was pointed out that she would probably have a bigger issue because the hero is an incubus. Hence daemonic. And my heroine (who shares a fair amount of my personal traits), is sleeping with him. Falls in love with him. All that good stuff.

And yes, there’s a full on smut scene with him in his more daemonic form – antlers, hooves, tail and all. It’s a rather pivotal scene, though. My major point being that it shouldn’t really matter what you *are*, so much as *who* you are. To be honest, though – it had never crossed my mind while I was writing it – that people might actually be offended by it. After all, it’s a story, not an autobiography.

Ah well. I’m enough of a lapsed Catholic as it is, so I imagine writing about smexy daemons will only upgrade this handbasket I’m riding in.

And if  I’m extra lucky, it’ll give me a NOS kit.

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8 Responses to It’s Called Fiction For a Reason

  1. Danica says:

    I really do wonder sometimes if we aren't from the same family. I had this conversation last week or the week before with my brother, his fiancee, and my mother. My brother asked my mom if she would read one of my books (if I got published). She didn't say anything, but I had to point out she'd probably hate them. A LOT. Not because she doesn't support me, but because of the paranormal elements (she's very religious), and the schex scenes.

    She's even asked me why I can't just write a book that isn't paranormal, or about romance/sex. She wants me to write, just not what I do write. Meh. Family.

    I'll read your book though! 🙂  Eagerly, lol

  2. Dovelily says:

    <p>LOL-I think I’d feel the same way about my family reading anything I write (when I can discipline myself to write) It’s all good, though. Glad you’ve got your aunt to bounce things off of.

  3. bluey says:


    So, you're a collapsed Catholic? (That's what Mr. bluey calls himself.) I'm of the opinion that God is rather busy…and gave us free will for a reason. Good schex scenes being one of those reasons.

  4. mynfel says:

    Collapsed? LOL. Funny.

    Honestly, half the time I'm not sure *what* I am. But I'm okay with it, so that's all right. 🙂

  5. mynfel says:

    Heh. We should get together and compare notes. 🙂

  6. Simon says:

    Ha! Yeah, my own personal handbasket's been turbocharged for years now. Should I publish the novel I'm working on, I'll be trading that handbasket in for for a rocket-car. *shrugs*

    I tell the stories that come to me. What else can I do?

  7. laura says:

    Hi, I just found you through Twitter 🙂

    I just had to LOL at upgrading your handbasket!  Too funny! 

    I also come from a family of mostly Catholics, and my novel is about a lot of questionable things, including a couple of hardcore agnostics, one of which is contemplating an abortion… so there's that, lol! 

    Good luck to us all, huh? 🙂

  8. mynfel says:


    Always nice to find a fellow Virginia nearby. 🙂

    And yeah, always fun to rectify what we write with perception via family. Ah well. Guess it's just our lot as writers. 😉

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