Holiday Agitation

Finally made it Target today at lunch for what will hopefully be the last run of the week. This time it was mostly to get wrapping paper and a few small odds and ends. I had planned on doing this last bit over the upcoming weekend as mr myn has off, but with MIL still in the hospital, I’m not sure what the weekend will bring.

In the meantime we’re suppose to be getting some actual snow accumulation come Saturday, so in either case I think I’ll just be hanging around the house and baking (between wrapping presents). I believe I have a chocolate poundcake that needs making, as well as the chocolate chip meringues. (Diet? What diet? *thhhpth*)

I tend to get a little wound up around this time of year anyways, for a various number of reasons. Right now it’s a little more compounded since I don’t know if we’ll be heading to Vermont or not (we had a planned week away with the kids). I’m perfectly fine with not going, but I dislike not knowing if we’re not going. Which I realize probably doesn’t make much sense, but I tend to function much better when I have a plan, or even the scrap beginnings of one, if only so I can attempt to organize. (There’s a lot of packing involved with small children and extended travelling. It drives me up a wall doing it at the last minute.)

To be honest I had been looking forward to being up north with the limited internet, simply because it forces me to slow down a bit, Without the extra distractions, I figured I might be able to crank through some writing (and such lovely views to inspire!), as well as study for one of my upcoming exams. Obviously, I’ll manage without it, but it will be a bit disappointing and less likely to happen if I’m at home. (Yeah, okay, I’m whining, I know. Bah, fuckbug and all that.)

Though I did just put up Hello Kitty Christmas stickers all over the glass walls of my cube. Office mates have already proceeded to draw mustaches and devil horns all over them with dry erase markers.

The horror! The horror!

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