I had a different blog post in mind for today, but it’s been superseded as some things have come up. Namely, my mother-in-law fell while mopping the floor last night and broke her leg very badly. The tibia broke near the ankle and it was a compound break (sticking out of the skin, etc). It also nicked some of the blood vessels  –  they had some trouble getting a pulse back in her foot last night (which could have led to the loss of her foot). They were able to stabilize her and she went into surgery this morning, and everything is being held together with plates and screws.

Long and short of it is that it’s an extremely bad break, according to the doctor. She’ll be in the hospital until Friday at the earliest and then in bed-rest/wheelchair for the next 6 to 8 weeks, after which she may be entered into a rehab program. All of which would be bad enough, but my father-in-law also suffers from Parkinson’s and cannot be left alone at this point.

What this means is that mr myn will most likely be staying at his parents’ house for a good portion of the next week or so. His brother also lives near-by and there is a family friend that may also be staying there, so between the 3 of them, they should be able to take care of most issues for the next bit of time.

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