Back to the Grind.

So after taking a few weeks off from the writing, I finally decided to immerse myself back into the story-telling world. And I sat down last night and looked over the first 100 pages of ShadowWeaver…and was rather pleasantly surprised. Sure, there are some definite rough spots (where I went and added some notes), but I have to admit it’s way better than I thought it would be. Admittedly, a lot of that was via NaNo, but there was quite a bit I didn’t actually *remember* writing, and strangely enough, the logic works.  I had been worried that some of  the snark factor from the first book wasn’t quite there this time around (which isn’t that big a deal as I can easily go back and add some in), but clearly that isn’t going to be an issue:


Something sharp prodded my back.  Bleary, I shifted away from it.
“Phin, if that’s you, you’d better have a damn good reason for pulling me out of my training.” I yawned the words, attempting to roll over again.
“Training in what? Co-ed Naked Dreaming?” The unicorn snorted, digging at my shoulder with a jagged little hoof. “Based on the noises you were just making, the only thing you were getting schooled in was how to lose your panties.”
“None of your business,” I snarled, yanking the sheets hard enough to knock him off balance.
“No…but I thought you might want to know he’s awake again.” Phineas clambered over my hip.
“And he won’t go back to sleep for you?”
“Abby, in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have hands. But I *do* have teeth, so unless you want that delicious ass of yours blemished up for your errant lover, I suggest you get your butt out of bed.  Little angel wants his mamma.”
I groaned. “What time is it?” I cracked an eye at the clock. 4 AM.
“Fine. But I’m *not* his mamma.”
“You’re the only thing here with tits. Close enough.” Phineas grinned, wriggling under the warmth of the sheets I left behind. “Mmmm…cozy,” he sighed, laying his head on the pillow.
“Don’t push your luck.” I glared at him and then shook my head, gathering my robe around my shoulders.  Sure enough, now that I’d managed to pull myself out of the hazy state between awake and Dreaming, I could hear the wailing cry of Benjamin from down the hallway. “I’m not sure I get paid enough for this,” I muttered. But who was I kidding? Moira said jump, I jumped. Why should the job stop at a little thing like childcare?

Yeah, it’s rough, but it’s not a bad start at all. 🙂

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