Back to the Grind.

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So after taking a few weeks off from the writing, I finally decided to immerse myself back into the story-telling world. And I sat down last night and looked over the first 100 pages of ShadowWeaver…and was rather pleasantly surprised. Sure, there are some definite rough spots (where I went and added some notes), but I have to admit it’s way better than I thought it would be. Admittedly, a lot of that was via NaNo, but there was quite a bit I didn’t actually *remember* writing, and strangely enough, the logic works.  I had been worried that some of  the snark factor from the first book wasn’t quite there this time around (which isn’t that big a deal as I can easily go back and add some in), but clearly that isn’t going to be an issue: OOO Poke. Something sharp prodded my back.  Bleary, I shifted away from it. Poke.… Read more

New Beginnings

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I finally started getting down the beginnings of the new book yesterday (though I haven’t updated the word count widget yet). I only got a few pages of it written…but the first chapter has been kicking in my head for over a month now – I just need to get it down.  Hopefully I’ll be a little more successful with that today – mr myn is working all night tonight, so once I get the kids into bed, the evening is mine. I’ve tentatively  titled it “Shadow Weaver” and it’s a direct sequel to “Shadow of the Incubus”. (The 3rd book, should it come to pass, will be called “Child of Shadow” –  but that’s a *long* way off, though I already know how it begins and ends…go figure). Shadow Weaver will pick up approximately 6 months after SotI, and though I know exactly how it begins, I’m not entirely… Read more