Rebel Without a Cause…

Well, not really. I was thinking on that Prague blog post from a few days ago. I don’t think I ever went through that “finding myself” crisis. The most I ever did was buy a Mustang when I probably shouldn’t have. More specifically, I still owed $8,000 on my Saturn and yet somehow when I went to “just look” at the Ford dealership, I ended up driving away with a 35th Anniversary Special Edition Mustang. Only about 4,628 of them were made – 1,259 of them in silver.

I was 25 and stupid, I guess. I didn’t need a new car, but some perverse side of me decided I wanted one anyway. Mr myn was only my boyfriend at the time, but in a major act of good faith, stroked me a check for $1000 to use as a down payment. The rest of it I took up the pooper for some ungodly monthly amount.

So there I was with a nice solid V8, 260 Horsepower and 302 pound/feet of Torque. (Not bad for an out of the box in 1999). Clearly, by way of the license plate, I was just as big a geek back then. That’s Shadowfax, guys, not Shadowfox or Shadow FX. And if you have to ask? Don’t.)

That being said, I was utterly in love with the car, and at the time I thought it was worth it. I was unmarried, childless, apparently had cash to burn. I know my dad tried to talk me into something sensible…a 4 door. A Jetta. Something practical. And I was like – why be practical? Plenty of time for practicality later. Much more fun to see how fast I could blitz down the beltway. And yeah, something about having a sports car, even a little one like a Mustang – it kind of turns you into a bit of an asshole when you drive. At least for that first month or so. Though there’s nothing quite like taking a turn over a pile of wet leaves and having the whole back end spin you out to take you down a peg or so…

I had to trade it in once Connor was born. I hated to do it, but there was just no way I could get the car seat back there *and* have room for a front seat passenger. And so I grew up. Sort of.

These days Connor likes to hear that I used to have one…though he’s not so happy that he was the reason I had to sell it. (Not that I told him in those words, but he’s pretty smart like that.)  I drive a practical Murano now, but don’t be surprised in a few years if there’s not a new silver bullet of some sort sitting in the driveway.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a rebel, of a sort. I wanted my freedom to live my life after spending my growing up years as second mom and older sis. Sheesh, I even had to take my two brothers on a dates with my boyfriend. Of course, that may have been my dad's way of insuring chastiy, lmao!  Which worked then.

    My first car was a refurbished, shiny maroon, 1962 Ford Falcon muscle car. It could move and sounded so bad, except when the manifold pipe would come loose. Loved the sound of the growl but the cops didn't. There were many a time I had to pull over on the beltway, on my way to work, pull on gloves and reattach it. Short skirts and all, lol! Sold it to get a Ford Grand Torino Sport, 1972, scoops and the works. Did a bit of racing with that. Ah, fun times.

    I had 5 years of fun and freedom, exploring the world and got married. I didn't have to be practical for kids for quite a few years, but I did let my Torino go and got a Toyota.

    Can I say, my 14 year old son wants a muscle car. Has in mind a Camaro. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. lolol!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your new book and having you Over Coffee. 

  2. Sia McKye says:

    When do you get your book cover?

  3. mynfel says:

    Actually…not sure. Agent is sending the ms out on a wider submission, so it may be a little while. In either case, I'd love to do a chat over coffee once I've got a date. 🙂

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