No Secrets on Teh Interwebs

So, in light of the fact that apparently I’m not actually *allowed* to have an account on the DG forum, (at least, it’s been two days and my account is still pending), I did a little digging in my Woopra and thought it might be kinda fun to show people just how fast this stuff is found.

I made my original post at 10:53 AM on December 8th. (EST)

At 12:18 PM, Vistor #947 ( found the post via a search on (“david garrett”)

At 12:21 it was posted on the DG forum by the forum moderator

At 12:24 I got a visit from Milwaukee via yahoo mail. (

At 12:35 I got a visit from Iran direct from the forum link ( – *waves* You’ve been by several times, my friend. 🙂

At 3:13 I got a visit from Trenton via aol webmail ( *waves* You’ve come by several times, too.

After that I got hit up by a number of other people via webmail or the link. I’m guessing email were subscribers to the forum link.

And none of this really means anything except that I apparently have too much free time on my hands (and nothing more interesting to blog about). And that it’s really hard to hide what you do online. (Except for you sneaky anonymous proxy people, damn you.) It also goes to show that pretty much anything you throw out on the web/blog/whathaveyou – people will find it.

Yesterday, Jeffe complained about Qwest on her blog. Two hours later a rep from Qwest replied (on her blog) and asked if he could assist her.

Paranoid? Maybe. The truth is out there and all that. 😉

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