Rebel Without a Cause…

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Well, not really. I was thinking on that Prague blog post from a few days ago. I don’t think I ever went through that “finding myself” crisis. The most I ever did was buy a Mustang when I probably shouldn’t have. More specifically, I still owed $8,000 on my Saturn and yet somehow when I went to “just look” at the Ford dealership, I ended up driving away with a 35th Anniversary Special Edition Mustang. Only about 4,628 of them were made – 1,259 of them in silver. I was 25 and stupid, I guess. I didn’t need a new car, but some perverse side of me decided I wanted one anyway. Mr myn was only my boyfriend at the time, but in a major act of good faith, stroked me a check for $1000 to use as a down payment. The rest of it I took up the pooper… Read more