50,000 Words or Bust…

And I’ve finally hit the half-way mark yesterday at just over 25,000 words. Which isn’t as much as some of the over-achievers I run with who are already past 30,000, but that’s okay. I’m getting the word counts done that I need to, but seem unable to get much further past that on a daily basis – probably because I’m getting so heavily sucked into DA. Which is fine. Good things are coming out it and I’ve now got way more of a plot for ShadowWeaver than I did when I started. Really good stuff coming out that I hadn’t really given much thought to, although the villain seems to be way more of a bitch than I originally envisioned. I’m still not quite sure what her motivation is, so that’s something I need to work with.

MoonSong continues to be touch and go. When NaNo is over, I’m going to have to take major stock in what’s going on with it. The overall word count meter will probably go down since I’ve been experimenting with a few different angles. The plot itself is just fine – it has settled into place, but the pov and the writing continue to be a struggle.

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