Randomness & Swine Flu

Not much of a post today, I’m afraid. Connor appears to have Swine Flu, and there’s not much to do but ride it out and make sure he doesn’t get too dehydrated. I’m actually more concerned about Lucy – she hasn’t shown any signs of it yet, but being that she’s had so many lung problems in the past and been hospitalized for breathing issues twice, it definitely weighs on my mind.

And of course, Halloween is tomorrow – I’m torn about that too. He’s had this Optimus Prime costume sitting in his room for a month now. No parties for him, but I may sneak him out for 15 minutes to do the door to door thing. Otherwise, mr myn will be taking Lucy out to get a couple of pumpkins in a bit and we’ll do some carving tonight.

Everything else seems as though it’s in a state of waiting. Waiting to hear back from editors/agents/contests. Lots of the waiting.  LOL. And there’s not a damn thing I can do about it except write something else. Though I gently nudged Becca the other day to make sure she had gotten my submission, and she had and said she was enjoying it, so here’s hoping she asks to see some more. 🙂

NaNo starts in two days. I might have prepped up enough for it, but I kind of doubt it. Although, with a nice bit of timing Write or Die has just released the desktop version of their software (it’s like $10). Pretty much guaranteed to get some results that way, I’m thinking.

Otherwise, it’s just a rainy-ass October day.

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  1. Danica Avet says:

    I hope your little one is feeling better soon 🙁  You could always let him wear his costume anyway and watch scary movies tomorrow night. Not much of a consolation for a youngun on Halloween, but it might make him feel like he's part of it somehow.

    Good luck with Connor and the waiting! I know what that feels like 🙂  Try to have a good weekend.

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