Sent in my manuscript to the editor last night. I debated heavily on it, because as I noted before, I tend to get into this cycle of editing and changing. And I have to be careful of that. I mean, sure, there’s always things to fix, always a sentence or two that might be written better. The problem is that if I edit *too* much, then I run the risk of losing the original flavor of the scene. (And I’ve done that more than once).  Or I focus on a few lines here or there without paying attention to the surrounding paragraphs and then go back and realize I’ve started using the same words just a little too close together.


So, I bit the bullet and sent it in – after only fixing up the most obvious. Based on the comments I received, she really liked the first couple of chapters (all that was sent in for the contest), and there were mistakes in that (since fixed). I can only assume she’s willing and able to overlook the small stuff to get at the substance of the story beneath.  (And gods am I hoping she likes the whole thing.  LOL)

I’m pretty happy overall, but I can’t let myself get *too* excited. And yes, I’d like to be, but maybe it’s a defense mechanism. I mean, she might love the first half of the book and then just throw it against the wall when she gets to the end. So until I hear back, one way or the other, I’m going to try not to think about it too much and focus on the next couple of books. And now I’ve got a nice kick in the pants to try to speed up a bit.  🙂

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